How We Do It Together

Manufacturing Consulting:
If you are interested in bringing any of these tools into your workplace to drive results, empowering employees, and implementing change through development and systematic planning, then contact me.


The first step is for me to visit your workplace to speak with you and your team and tour the facility. This part of the process is offered at no cost to you, other than travel costs. Once we agree on the objectives, I will then develop an implementation plan, specifying the appropriate tools. We will then decide who on your team should work with me to be trained and part of the implementation.


This process will drive the ownership at your company, while still providing the team with the support and direction to be successful. I will continue to work with your team until the implementation is complete and working effectively, leading to the highest level of sustainability.


Leadership Coaching:
If you are interested in investing in your leaders for the long term, increasing their confidence, and improving their skills, contact me to begin this journey. The coaching plan can be adapted for entry level supervisors, mid-level managers, and senior leaders.


The initial step would be for us to meet for a complimentary discussion to identify the opportunities within your team. I will then set up an initial meeting with the leader so that we can meet and confirm that this will be a good fit between your leader and myself. Not all coaches / mentee relationships work, due to a number of possible misalignments, so we will ensure that the relationship between us is constructive and makes sense for that individual.


Having a company invest in their management team through leadership coaching is one of the best investments that a company can make to improve employee satisfaction in their role, improve the individualís confidence and, therefore, their success, and, ultimately, make a significant, bottom-line impact to the organization long term.


more than 25 years experience as a
Mechanical Engineer, Maintenace Manager, Plant Manager, Director & VP Operations