Executive Coaching

As a coach for the leaders of your business, you can expect the following:

  • You will not be put through a barrage of psychology/personality/aptitude tests. We will talk about your strengths and the skills you want to develop or hone that is where our conversations start, not through analyzing test results.
  • With your permission, I may speak with a few others in your organization about their perception of your leadership style so that we can use that as part of our discussion.
  • You will benefit from my 30+ years of experiences, both my successes and my failures, as an engineer through to Vice President of Operations roles.
  • You will get real-life, applicable, and relevant advice to help you achieve your goals.
  • You can always trust me to maintain confidentiality. Our conversations are only between us.
  • You can have access to me for advice at any time, whenever issues or challenges arise, BEFORE they become a problem.
  • I fully invest myself in your success. I am sincere in my support of you and your journey. That is why I have continued to stay in touch with colleagues, team members, and mentees from the entire span of my career.


more than 25 years experience as a
Mechanical Engineer, Maintenace Manager, Plant Manager, Director & VP Operations