Manufacturing Consulting

I have significant experience in the more technical roles in engineering and maintenance, as well as leading organizations and people through strong communication skills and employee empowerment. It creates a unique blend of driving results, yet doing so through people. I believe that if leaders develop their teams, set clear expectations, provide the tools and training to those teams, then empower them to pursue the goals, the results will come. Too often, managers focus only on the results. Yes, the results do come, but typically only short term. When managers develop and invest in their people, providing a vast toolbox of processes and systems that become standardized, the results can be sustained long term, because the processes and systems become innate to the business.


Some of the tools I have in my toolbox are:
+ Lean, six sigma and reliability tools
+ Toyota Production Systems (TPS)
+ setting and communicating clear visions, missions, SMART goals
+ root cause failure analysis (RCFA)
+ single minute exchange of dies (SMED)
+ 5S
+ continuous improvement (CI)
+ team development
+ strong communication with employees
+ empowering and motivating employees
+ visual management on the production floor
+ efficient project management
+ world class maintenance


One of the many distinctions between working with me, or working with other consultants, is that I do not believe in just leaving a three-ring binder with your team, for them to execute the changes. I have been on the receiving end of that type of consulting arrangement, and it creates more angst and frustration than results. I will work directly with your team during implementation, training them in the processes as we go, so that they will have the capabilities and confidence to continue using the tools, long after I am gone.

more than 25 years experience as a
Mechanical Engineer, Maintenace Manager, Plant Manager, Director & VP Operations