Why I Do It

What makes me different? I believe in teaching and guiding your leadership and your teams through the entire implementation, once we agree on where the opportunities lie and what boundaries we may have. I have been told often throughout my career that I have a unique ability to get people excited and motivated about change. I can rally your team, primarily because I believe in the tools that I teach. I know they work, because I have used them in my career over the past 25+ years. There is no better feeling as a manager than to see your teams functioning at a high level of autonomy, when they feel responsible for the results of the business, when they feel excited and motivated to be a part of something fantastic. There is no better feeling as an employee who understands their role and accountability in the business' success and feels compelled to get involved and not just "punch the clock." I have seen it work and have been fortunate enough to have led several different manufacturing teams on their journey.


Too often, I hear companies talk about investing in people, yet they don't really empower them. Empowering means more than just saying "go do it". It is about providing them with the support, the information and the direction to be successful. Additionally I sometimes hear managers say that they don't have the resources to implement new processes or continuous improvement plans. In reality, you have a huge number of resources who are underutilized, unmotivated, and uninvolved right there on your team -- you just aren't thinking of everyone as a skilled and valued resource. I promise....you can get world class results that are sustainable by including this style of leadership in your organization. THIS is why I do what I do.


more than 25 years experience as a
Mechanical Engineer, Maintenace Manager, Plant Manager, Director & VP Operations